We were expecting a lot from the team ADWOKACIK, led by major champion byali, but getting all the points and ending the first half of mirage 15:0? No, We did not expect that from the opening match of third Alienware Game Arena Split. After the team swap, We saw a little bit of resistance from their opponents but it was already too late and Mirage quickly ended 16:6. Team N1ce Try with their star lineup had a better first half of the second map but the new Polish powerhouse was just too good and pretty much continued in the same fashion,  ending the map with the same result of 16:6. Looks like that team ADWOKACIK is here to win and it will surely be exciting watching them play. If you, for some reason, missed your chance to see this new team you should definitely tune in on Monday when they will be playing against Team Unique.

ADWOKACIK  16:6   N1ce Try  @ mirage

ADWOKACIK  16:6   N1ce Try  @ train

The second duel of the night was between our Danish fixture, AMBUSH, and the newcomers of ECLOT. Most of us expected the Danes, that finished second in Split 2, to overrun the new guys but we were up for a big surprise. On the first map, Mirage,  it was ECLOT who completely dominated with their aggressive play and even though AMBUSH won both pistols, they got beaten 16:9. Their chemistry and tactics seemed completely off but these experienced Danes showed us that they know how to reset and start fresh. The second map, Inferno, was in the name of executes. AMBUSH was greatly successful hitting the smaller bombsite and on the other hand ECLOT, on their T side, was able to hit the A site even 4times in a row which AMBUSH did not expect in the slightest bit by overrotating almost everyone to B, before ECLOT finally hit the other bombsite for the 4th time. This battle was so even that it had to go into the 2nd overtime where at the very last round Ambush made a critical error while defending the B bombsite last turn and that was enough for Eclot to take home the win. The newcomer steals both maps and proves to everybody that nowadays Counter-Strike can be full of surprises.

ECLOT  16:9  AMBUSH  @ mirage

ECLOT  22:20  AMBUSH  @ inferno

What a great start of the very last Split of the year! There will be 8 more weeks of this top-level CSGO, so don’t forget to stop by on Monday and/or  Tuesday to cheer for your favorite team. Next live broadcast starts on 5th of August at 17CEST, our caster crew of Marek ‘Shadye’ Hovanec and Milan ‘Pepik’ Musil will be expecting you at