AGA Split #2 playoffs this weekend

The time has finally come! This upcoming weekend we will crown our Split #2 champion. Who will grab nice cash reward and a big chunk of
points that will strengthen their position for the epic LAN finals happening on For Games in October. Nobody knows yet! All we know is that
it's not gonna be easy and instead it's gonna be pretty darn exciting and close.†

Donít image yourself attending For Games yet, we still have to play out the playoffs and then the last third Split before we get there.

This Saturday evening will see Izako Boars fight our newcomers, Team Unique, for the Sunday finals spot. We could talk forever about the promising Polish counter-strike scene and this esports organization created by Piotr ďizakĒ Skowyrski but we will save that for this weekend. Something similar is there to say about CIS region and their teams, Unique has been in the making for some quiet time and for most of the western Europeans these guys have been pretty much under the radar but be aware they can surprise everybody and might end up winning
the whole thing.†

This match is a must see so donít forget to tune in at† on 1st of June at 17CEST.

Coming next after our first semifinals is Sunday where we are going to witness the second semifinals and later on the grand finals.

Actina Pact will meet with Ambush and even though we all have seen the Polish might and fury in every match where Actina has played, they are not gonna going to have it that easy because the Danes from Ambush are one solid team that can upset anyone. Actina Pact knows this very well since their last meeting encounter ended up as a draw. This spectacularness can be seen on Sunday, starting at 14CEST on your
usual Alienware twitch channel.

Later on Sunday, at 17CEST, we will be broadcasting the very finals of Split #2. So prepare yourself and be with us at†
because this grand finals will be worthy.