Your Chance to Qualify for the 3rd Split of AGA League

Summer break has just begun and not only that! We are opening the registrations for the qualifiers into the 3rd Split. Do You want to taste a real CSGO excitment of highlevel competition? Then You should register ASAP. We will hold two separete qualifiers, one on 10th of July and the other a week later on 17th July. And yes, you can play both of these to have a bigger chance of making it into the Alienware Game Arena league.

10.07.2019 - nr.1 - ALIENWARE GAME ARENA 2019 - SPLIT #3 - QUALIFICATION #1
17.07.2019 - nr.2 - ALIENWARE GAME ARENA 2019 - SPLIT #3 - QUALIFICATION #2

Winners of these qualifiers will get a spot in the league and the runners up that lost in the qualifier finals have to beat one more opponent to make it. This is where relegation matches comes up.

First relegation match for the final spot in AGA is played on 22 of July, at 18CET against ex-Codewise Unicorns and the second match is the day after on 23 of July at the same time versus team Mockit.

We are looking forward to this qualifying process and We hope that those of you that wants to prove their worth in the Counter-Strike scene will take part in our qualifiers.

The 3rd and last Split of this years Alienware Game Arena League will go live on 30th of July at 17CET, so dont forget to tune in at