The very last week of group stage is over and we finally know who gets to battle in the playoffs over this weekend. But before we unveil that lets briefly look at the results of the last week:

Monday was in the name of true Polish power! We have seen Izako Boars and Actina Pact run over thier opponents in a very strong fashion and we can’t wait to see these two go head-to-head in Prague.

Izako Boars  vs  Team Unique  @  16:12 de_train , 16:5 de_nuke

Actina Pact  vs  Ambush  @  16:9 de_inferno , 16:5 de_dust2

The final group stage duel played on Tuesday was between Eclot Lynx and Nice Try, where both of these contenders still had a solid chance of making it into the playoffs. Match started pretty one-sided with Eclot dominating his opponent. Going into the second map, we still didn’t know who will advance and get to the battle for the medal. The last map was the real deal, the close encounter that decides everything and it was an exciting one but in the end, it was Eclot and their heroic individual plays that got them over the edge to reach the playoffs.

Eclot Lynx  vs  Nice Try  @  16:6 de_mirage , 19:17 de_nuke


Split 3 Playoffs will be held over the upcoming weekend on the 28th and 29th of September. It will all start at 17CEST with Izako Boars and Eclot Lynx, when these two met in the group stage it was the most thrilling match ever going into multiple overtimes on both maps so you better not miss this because it is gonna be legen-, wait for it, -dary. The second clash of Actina Pact and Team Unique will be played shortly after and the epic finals of the third Split is scheduled on Sunday at 18CEST.