Battle of Polish crusaders in week six

This upcoming week might see early finals because two of our strongest teams overall will on Monday the 9th. We are talking about Izako Boars and Actina Pact but before they have a chance to battle on Monday they have to wait for their Polish brothers from Me&TheBoys that are going against Ambush.

Monday 9th of September matches:

Ambush vs Me&TheBoys  @  17CEST  on
Izako Boars vs Actina Pact  @ 19CEST on

Fans of Izako should be happy because they are going to play even on Tuesday against the newly risen team of Nice Try. Last but not least is our current hot team of Eclot Lynx against Team Unique.

Tuesday 10th of September matches:

Izako Boars vs Nice Try  @  17CEST  on
Eclot Lynx vs Team Unique  @ 19CEST on