Izako Boars are back-to-back Split Champions

Yet again it was Izako Boars heading into the finals over their semifinal opponents, this time it was Eclot Lynx that got buried under their own mistakes that were mostly made under the pressure of the playoffs and the fact that they needed to go on in the playoffs to stay in the race for the LAN Finals.

Izako Boars 16:07  Eclot Lynx @ de_train
Izako Boars 16:08  Eclot Lynx @ de_mirage

On the other end of the bracket, Team Unique showed us that they are well prepared for Actina Pact. In a match where both teams won their map pick it had to be the third map that decided the fate of these two contenders. Nobody knows what happened but it looked like Team Unique were more than well prepared for Nuke as they dismantled Actina Pact allowing them only 3 rounds on the decider to punch their tickets to the finals.

Team Unique  09:16 Actina Pact @ de_vertigo
Team Unique  16:12 Actina Pact @ de_train
Team Unique 16:03 Actina Pact @ de_nuke

Izako Boars were going into the finals as a clear favorite and it was up to Team Unique to make an upset. The first map was not the best choice for Team Unique and even though they put up a pretty good fight it was the economy that got them biting in the end and allowed the Polish side to close the map before it got pushed into overtime. The second map was even better for Izako Boars as they solidified themselves as the strongest team in the initial AGA Season.

Izako Boars 16:12 Team Unique @ de_vertigo
Izako Boars 16:08 Team Unique @ de_nuke

Countless hours, dedication and a good team chemistry are only a few of the reasons why Izako Boars have been able to replicate their success from the previous Split. We would like to sincerely congratulate them on being the best team in the Alienware Game Arena and we wish them as well as the other attending teams all the luck in late October at the LAN Finals in Prague.

We would also like to express our gratefulness to everyone watching and supporting AGA on stream, it couldn’t be done without you and you can expect plenty of content from the LAN Finals but that is a story for another article that will be coming your way in October.