Second split has started on 1st of April with former champions, Mockit, losing their opening match to the polish team of Codewise Unicorns. This pretty much showed us that the Polaks in our League are here to make a statement right from the beginning of the second split.

This trend continued and group stage ended with two great polish teams on top of the scoreboard with a potential of having a fratricidal fight in the finals.

The Semifinals

Team Unique has made a great first impression on everybody by making the playoffs but their further advancement into the finals has been met with strong resistance in the form of Izako Boars.

The last named has shown in the first semifinals their dedication and preparation by not letting Team Unique get anything for free.  Izako’s mercenaries have been performing on top of their game individually and collectively, always maintained good distance on the scoreboard from their Unique competition in the whole match. This was not a good day for Team Unique but they showed us that they are force to be reckoned with going into the third Split. The newcomers from CIS region took home 1000$ for ending their journey in the semifinals and placing on the 3rd-4th place.

•    Izako Boars  16:12  Team Unique @ de_nuke

•    Izako Boars  16:10  Team Unique @ de_train

Second semifinals, between Actina Pact and Ambush, was much more close and nerve-wracking even though it didn't look like a fair fight from the beginning where Actina racked up 12:3 lead on the first map. Ambush to the other hand showed us the power of their new guy, Pr1me, that quickly became the best player on the server getting multikills everywhere he went and even clutching unbelievable 1v3 scenarios to put his team into overtime. Sadly, as far as Split #2 goes, Ambush is the only team to lose all of their overtimes in our league and it was not meant to be even this time.

Inferno started in the same fashion with Actina Pact getting the early lead 5:0 but then the Ambush guys bounced back on their map pick as a CTs and closed the half 8:7. After the swap onto the T side, the Danes showed us why they picked inferno as their map and didn’t allow Actina pretty much anything and even with both lost pistols they won convincingly 16:11.

The decider was played on de_dust2, the oldest map in our map pool that everybody has a long history playing on. What took us by surprise is that Ambush quickly closed the first half with 12:3, the very same beating they received from Actina on the first map. The end came so fast that even we didn't believe that this is it and our second finalist are Ambush. Nobody expected them to even make the playoffs and here they are sneaking into the finals. Actina Pact was awarded with 1000$ for making it into the semifinals and finishing on 3rd-4th place.

•    Actina Pact  19:15  Ambush @ de_mirage

•    Actina Pact  11:16  Ambush @ de_inferno

•    Actina Pact    6:16  Ambush @ de_dust2

The Finals

Starting off with Izako Boars map pick on de_train favored the Polaks that got 7:1 lead on their T side before Ambush woken up and started getting rounds of their own, finishing on 5:10 disadvantage. Even the Danes started well on their T side by getting the first 4 rounds under their belt but then they lost control and lost 10:16 against Izako Boars. Last round on train took only 15 seconds, this pretty much confirms that Ambush didn't want to play train and let the Polaks have it.

Overpass told a similar story but this time it was Ambush who had the upper hand. The Danes just dominated this map by getting so many back to back rounds and this time Izako Boars showed us that even they got a weak map in their pool.

Deciding map was de_Inferno, a map that everyone of these two teams likes to play. First half ended as close as possible but then Izako Boars won even the second pistols and that spelled the beginning of an end for Ambush. They could not get a round streak and slowly traded round for a round with their enemies untill there were no more rounds to trade because Izako Boars found themselves on the winning 16th point and became the Split #2 Champions, taking home the biggest chunk of points to qualify for Prague Lan Finals on FORGAMES and cheque for 3000$.

•    Izako Boars  16:10  Ambush @ de_train

•    Izako Boars    8:16  Ambush @ de_overpass

•    Izako Boars  16:11  Ambush @ de_inferno

We hope that you all had a blast watching these aspiring teams in their hunt for the Lan Finals that will take place at the end of October in Prague. We will do our best to further improve even the last Split that is coming at the end of July. Don’t forget to watch Alienware Game Arena social media sites where we will post information about upcoming qualifiers for 3rd Split.