Last Monday we have witnessed a thrilling fight between three teams that had pretty much the same chance to claim the last spot in AGA playoffs but only one was successful in doing so.

It all started with Ambush going against Codewise Unicorns. The atmosphere on the server was so intense that we had to play every round of both maps but one.

Codewise Unicorns started on the first map, Inferno, without any mercy and rushed down their enemies in the first 3 rounds as CTs, stunning Ambush that looked surprised by this tier1 aggression.

Unicorns managed to get to 6:0 lead on their CT side before Ambush answered back with 5 rounds of their own, finishing the half 5:10. After the team swap we have seen the Danish players taking banana control pretty consistently, letting them play 4 players on A. The sole player on B, RAALZ, knew exactly how to play the spot using his grenades and this strategy got ambush 9 straight rounds if we donít count them losing one to Codewise. This map ended up 16:13 in favor of team Ambush and the big thing that got them there was ACE by RAALZ that saved an AK-47 (his teammates on eco with 3x USP).

The second map was even closer between these two teams, ending on the 30th round in the 1on1 scenario. Even though Codewise was already out of the contest for playoffs, they had to win 2:0 to get there, they still showed us that they belong in AGA league by putting up a fight and winning on de_train.

Players that played out of their minds in these two maps: BERRY 56 kills, Leman 52 kills.

  • Ambush 16:13 Codewise Unicorns @ de_inferno
  • Ambush 14:16 Codewise Unicorns @ de_train

The last match of the group stages is about to start between Ambush and Mockit and we still donít know who will advance and take the last playoff spot.

It started all on Overpass with Ambush having a huge 7:0 lead on their T side against Mockit. Many of us thought that the Ambush guys went into the second match hyped from their previous clash against Unicorns and that they might decimate Mockit on the back of their desire that they carried over from the first match but Mockit but we were all mistake by seeing Mockit finishing the first half 7:8. After the swap, Ambush managed to win even the second pistols getting themselves a bigger lead but somehow they stumbled on 15:9 unable to close the map. Yet again we had to go all the way to the 30th round where ckay punished three Mockit players going through smoke without any flashes.

The second map, Inferno, started to be interesting after the team swap where nobody wanted to give away anything but one point at a time and it went on for the first five rounds until Mockit strung together 3 rounds only to see their dreams dissipate by Ambush having a great success attacking the B bombsite. Once again we had to play every single round of regulation where Ambush having the better buy managed to close it out one last time hitting the B bombsite.

BERRY was putting up big numbers even in the second duel, racking up 54 kills in total on both map, ckay also showed up with his 56 that match but overall the best player that day was BERRY and he was pretty much the deciding factor that led his team into the playoffs.

  • Ambush 16:14 Mockit @ de_overpass
  • Ambush 16:14 Mockit @ de_inferno

We would like to congratulate AMBUSH for their heroic efforts that put them into the top 4 (joining Izako Boars, Actina Pact and Team Unique). They have grabbed the last playoff spot in style and their matches were the most intense stuff we have ever seen in AGA league. For those of you, who are eager to see the playoffs, we will be back on the 1st of June at 17CEST with the semifinals on