At the start of this week’s Alienware Game Arena we will see, after a short period, the comeback of horses with horns. These mythical creatures named Codewise Unicorns managed to get into playoffs last split. Currently sitting on 5th position with 11 pts they have up to 12 pts to grab from 4 maps yet to be played due to rescheduling.

The first match on Monday will see them battle it out against Izako Boars. Back in the 1st Split these guys took both maps in strong fashion against them but remember this is a clash of two polish teams and national duels are always something else. Pride, desire to win and beating your countryman to show them that you are better in your own country. This is definitely a must watch for every polish fan out there so don't forget to catch this on Monday 6th at 17CEST on

The second duel on Monday will see two best teams in Split 2 go head to head for the first time ever in our League. Actina Pact, surprised everybody last week by beating the strongest teams (Izako,Mockit), and Team Unique that has been showing up in every match.

Monday is packed with teams fighting for playoff spots especially Codewise Unicorns need to take all the points they can.

Tuesday 7th of April should be little light with maps being played just between Codewise Unicorns and The Dabers. Everybody in our league is able to upset so we are hoping that The Dabers won’t give this one for free and make the Unicorns pay.

Catch us live on Monday and Tuesday at, our caster team with Marek "Shadye" Hovanec, Ondrej "Lelek" Kvarda and Milan "Pepik" Musil will be there to guide you through the matches.