The second week of Alienware Game Arena saw the Czechoslovakian newcomers ECLOT LYNX go against Me & TheBoys in the first Monday match. At this point, the Polish team has been a part of AGA since the very beginning and they came to this match in a relaxed mood without any pressure at all. On the other hand, ECLOT LYNX wants to prove themselves and getting into playoffs would have been an early Christmas. Their relentless determination was seen across both maps and they didn’t give the Polaks anything for free. Players like ZEDc and TheMix went nuts and kept scoring multikills left and right and even a couple of aces.

ECLOT LYNX  16:9  Me&TheBoys  @ de_inferno  ->

ECLOT LYNX  16:7  Me&TheBoys  @ de_dust2  ->

Last Monday’s game was between byali’s ADWOKACIK and CIS Region rising stars from Team Unique. Everybody was eager to see the new Polish super team win big here but Team Unique is not called the dark horse of the whole tournament for no reason. It all started on Train, the map we would be most afraid to play against Team Unique.  They have been able to beat Actina Pact 16:2 on the very same map and right from the start, Team Unique were looking stronger than ever against Adwokacik, even lady luck was with them in clutch situations which helped them gain a huge lead on their T-side. Their dominant first half was a sign that we might be looking at Adwokacik’s first loss and eventually that was exactly what happened. Moving onto the second map, Mirage, We expected Adwokacik to show us their true power since this was the map they have started 15:0 previous week but we were in a big shock when t hey scored only 4 rounds in total. The obvious lesson here is that Team Unique should be approached with caution because these guys are capable of anything.

Team Unique  16:9  Adwokacik  @ de_train  ->

Team Unique  16:4  Adwokacik  @ de_mirage  ->

Tuesday was all about one match, the Danes from AMBUSH battling the international roster of N1ceTry. The opening map Mirage saw both teams go toe to toe until we reached the score of 11:11. Then all of a sudden, round-costing mistakes started to occur more heavily on the N1ceTry side. Mistakes that couldn’t be stopped until the score reached 16:11. The second map was unfortunately cancelled after a couple of rounds due to some unforeseen issues on the N1ceTry side, more specifically it was player Juhob that left the game and refused to come back to finish the match, AGA statement can be seen below.

AMBUSH  16:11  N1ceTry  @ de_mirage  ->

AMBUSH  16:00  N1ceTry  @ de_inferno * forfeit


“Our mission here is to provide a spotlight for up-and-coming teams and talented players to show off their true potential while at the same time to entertain viewers around the world that came to cheer for these teams and their players. It is mandatory to maintain a professional approach and attitude. Therefore we see Juhob’s act as a breach of trust that cannot be overlooked, due to that Juho 'Juhob' Lampinen is not allowed to play any upcoming AGA matches with immediate effect and team N1ceTry will have to find a replacement. We hope that this will show everybody that we take this league very seriously and not even semi-professional players can think that this behavior won’t see any further consequences.”

Third week will be soon upon us and the big question is: Who will stop ECLOT LYNX?

They are currently standing strong with 4 wins and 0 losses!  Could IZAKO BOARS be the team that will end their streak? Who knows? Come and see for yourself next week, we will be live as usual on Monday and Tuesday, July 12th and 13th.