Team Unique surprises everybody

As proclaimed by many, Team Unique was the dark horse of the whole tournament. Some of you that were closely watching their 2019 performance might say that they were always a contender for the highest place. Well not that many teams in AGA were two match wins away from making it to the CS:GO Major like these CIS players, right?

The Russian Machine started their LAN Finals with a clear statement when they faced Izako Boars. Simple and efficient tactics without any mistakes took Izako Boars by storm and they found themselves quickly losing on both maps. The Polaks were so used to winning against the Russians on the internet that they couldnít believe when they got stomped on LAN. Man of the match was definitely Zorte, his entry fragging with AWP was ridiculous and it seemed like the rounds always started with Izako losing a player.

Actina Pact was the opponent to beat in the finals for the Russians to take it home. The first map showed us the dominance we have seen the day before in the semifinals. Although it was Actina Pactís pick, the Unique squad was just too good on the Dust2 offense. The second map, Nuke, was much more interesting. It went all the way down to the last round of regulation where Actina Pact was forced to upgraded pistols and couple grenades, not the best buy if you want to push it into overtime. Polt was the guy of round number 30 where he got a quad kill and with that demolished the Polish dream of overtime.

Final standings of Alienware Game Arena Season 1:

1.†††††† † Team Unique - $7000

2.†††††† † Actina Pact - $4000

3.†††††† † Izako Boars - $2500

4.†††††† † Ambush - $1500

Counter-Strike keeps being a very exciting game where anything is possible. Doesnít matter where you stand or what everyone else thinks, you can still beat the odds and expectations if you are willing and able enough. That is what Team Unique has done in this first season of AGA and we all are sure that the year 2020 is going to be pretty unique.

In the end, we would like to thank all the players that have participated in the AGA Splits. We couldnít have done it without you and the biggest thanks, of course, goes to every single one of you that have been watching the games at home, you guys are the best and we wish you the best possible end of the year. Dream big! We know we do :]