For the very first time, we will have the chance to see Actina Pact play in the third split. They are currently one of the few teams that have almost enough points to qualify for the LAN finals in Prague but nothing is guaranteed yet. This Monday they will go against Me&TheBoys at 17:00 CEST. 

ACTINA PACT vs Me&TheBoys @ 17:00 CEST on Monday 12th

Split 2 Champions will show themselves for the first time as well! Izako Boars, the winner of the previous split, will make their debut on Tuesday 13th of August. These guys have been enjoying summer vacation at the beginning of our 3rd Split and we expect them to come fully rested and kick some serious buttocks. You surely don't want to miss this because of two reasons: Firstly, they will test Paweł „byali“ Bieliński‘s ADWOKACIK for the Polish supremacy and secondly, later on, they will go up against the current top team, ECLOT LYNX.

IZAKO BOARS vs ADWOKACIK @ 17:00 CEST on Tuesday 13th

IZAKO BOARS vs ECLOT LYNX @ 19:00 CEST on Tuesday 13th