Firstly, before we go into the results of the fourth week, we should address a piece of unfortunate news about steps that have been taken against Adwokacik. It is something we hate to do but when a team breaks the AGA rules there is no other option, therefore we regret to inform you that team Adwokacik has been disqualified from AGA and all their matches will be adjusted to 0:16.

What actually happened:

On Tuesday 27th, Adwokacik failed to show up for a scheduled match against the Me&TheBoys, resulting in a disqualification for the Polish team from the ongoing split. There seems to be an issue over the current results between the Adwokacik’s players that cannot be resolved and as far as we know, its players will continue their separate ways. This week we saw Pawel ‘byali’ Bielinski play for Izako Boars and although it is just a tryout period for him, there is a big chance that he will stay with Izako for this season and help them to qualify for the LAN Finals in Prague.

Without further ado lets see what happened in week number four in the AGA:

Monday had seen two matches across four maps and it all started on de_train where we expected Team Unique to trump over the less fortunate team of Nice Try. What we all forgot was that Counter-Strike is still a bit unpredictable and guys over at Nice Try showed us that their individual power can go a long way. They took over the first map very quickly and got themselves the first win, beating Team Unique on their strongest pick so far. The second map (de_mirage) went all the way down to the wire, it was the 30th round where Team Unique was lucky enough to close it and dodge the overtime. And why lucky you may ask? Well sometimes it is not your best day to play and for Team Unique it was one of these days. Even when they started the early rounds well they couldn’t close them properly and lost plenty of rounds due to their own mistakes but in the end, it was team Nice Try finally showing us that they also came to play.

Team Unique 12:16 Nice Try @ de_train
Team Unique 16:14 Nice Try @ de_mirage

The second match of the day saw Actina Pact challenge Eclot Lynx which is now known as the dark horse of the 3rd Split that is capable of anything. We don't know if it was the constellation of the stars or the Moon probably, but Eclot Lynx just couldn't do anything right and Actina just ran away with the victory on both maps. It looks like that even Eclot Lynx can have a bad day.

Actina Pact 16:10 Eclot Lynx @ de_train
Actina Pact 16:04 Eclot Lynx @ de_inferno

The second day of the fourth week was all about one match due to the disqualification and the match was played between Ambush and Izako Boars. Both of these teams came up with an extra star-firepower. For Izako it was aforementioned byali and for Ambush it was Ismail ‘refrezh’ Ali. The first map was Ambush’s favorite, de_inferno, where they showed us merciless aggression which quickly took over the whole map and pretty soon we had to move onto the second map since Izako Boars couldn't find a way out of that one. The last map of the week was the other way around and Izako Boars found themselves in a big lead. Their CT rotation and timely pushes granted them plenty of map control and it was a piece of cake closing the map after they swapped sides. 

Izako Boars 6:16 Ambush @ de_inferno
Izako Boars 16:6 Ambush @ de_train

Week 4 unveiled new superstar joining our league and we are all glad that AGA is getting more recognition every Split. Next week will be a bit shorter again. Due to a reschedule, we will stream only on Tuesday, as the second matchday takes an off-stream action on Wednesday. As always we will be ready for you at www.twitch.tv/alienware from 17CEST to 22CEST.