We have been missing Izako Boars last week due to Easter Holidays but this upcoming week we will compensate all of that for the polish fans with a double dosage of their favorite team in AGA.

Izako’s mercenaries won’t have it easy though, because both teams that they gonna face are on top of their game. One of which is our newcomer, Team Unique, that has been posting great results and the other will be Actina Pact that managed to take away a map from the Boars in the last split.

Izako Boars games will be starting at 17:00 CEST on Monday and Tuesday, the very last two days of April.

On Monday we will also witness the battle for survival in our league in the hands of eSuba and JMC. Whoever can take home all the 6 points will be in a good shape to have a chance of staying for the upcoming 3rd split.

Last but not least will be a match between Actina Pact and Mockit. They have met in 1st split already, taking home one map each, but we have seen Mockit play a really different style of Counter-Strike. These guys are really exciting to watch and learn from so be sure and don’t let yourself miss this last match of 5th week.

Catch us live on Monday and Tuesday at www.twitch.tv/alienware , our caster team with Marek "Shadye" Hovanec, Ondrej "Lelek" Kvarda and Milan "Pepik" Musil will be there to guide you through the matches.