Life is full of unexpected events and results of week 5 really underline that point. Let’s start right off the bat with the match between eSuba and JMC (now Ambush), that was a really interesting one. On the first map, we have seen the biggest beating in this split yet.

The map was de_train, both teams like to play it, and one of them gave up midgame. It was team eSuba that stopped playing like a team and instead of trying to come back they just gave up on everything. Nobody really knows what happened there on the first map and everybody was expecting the second map with pretty much the same result. JMC started 8:0 on the second map of de_overpass so everything was going accordingly but then somehow eSuba started to awaken. Once again they had the desire to win, to compete, to upset the expectations. Finally, after so many games these Czechoslovakians were able to come back and win a map while being so behind. It had to go to overtime but in the end, eSuba proved us wrong and showed us that they are here to play. Zedko and HenkkyG were crucial fragging machines in that comeback and they are the players to watch when eSuba is playing.

Izako Boars lost their de_vertigo pick against Team Unique that had a better understanding of how the new map is played. But then the Russians failed on their pick of de_inferno and Izako Boars overplayed them heavily on their T side. In the end, there was some resistance from Team Unique but Izako Boars were able to close the map before it got out of hand.

Tuesday was all about Actina Pact. The first match they meet our beloved Polish superstars from Izako Boars and then there was team Mockit waiting for them. Two very strong opponents for weakened Actina boys. Why weakened? Because they lost a player, Vegi, to The pressure was on them and nobody expected the favorites to lose to them. Oh boy, how wrong were we….

Actina dismantled Izako Boars on first map 16:4 (de_train), nothing but perfection from them. On the second map we saw all 30 points to be played out and Actina prevailing in the end. They were looking solid going into the second match of the day against Mockit, the champions of the first split. We could say that the battle was even and that both teams had a chance but it wasn't like that at all. Actina Pact was that day clearly a level above everybody and this is the story of Counter-Strike: if you focus on being better and you put in the time as Actina did, then you can expect unexpected results to go your way.

We hope that you have enjoyed 5th Week as much as we did and don’t forget to come back on May 6th and Tuesday 7th to see more high-level Counter-Strike powered by Alienware technology.