Game Monday number 6 was overcrowded with polish power, not only that we had three teams from Poland playing that day we even have witnessed a legendary player show up in our humble league by Alienware. The one and only Filip „NEO“ Kubski, one of the best players to ever come out of Poland, graced us with his presence. He was named the best worldwide player of the decade by back in 2011.

The first match between Izako Boars and Codewise Unicorns started on de_overpass where the first named was able to show why they are considered the best polish team in AGA. Izako’s team was pretty much overplaying the opposition not only aim-wise but tactic-wise as well, ending the first half 11:4 and then closing the first map in a fashioned 2v4 scenario. The second map started a bit better for Codewise and they managed to play their T side on de_train high above average with 7 points to their name but after the switch, the Izako Boars were relentlessly pushing almost every round and winning rounds in such a quick fashion not allowing the Unicorns to take a break. Most of us expected Izako Boars to take this match 2:0 and they did just that with 16:11 on overpass and 16:12 on train.

Second Monday match saw Team Unique go head to head against the number one seed in AGA, team Actina Pact. The latter one was able to show us their true potential last week when they outclassed Izako Boars and Mockit, this time we expected something similar to happen even though that Team Unique is considered to be a dark horse that can surprise anybody and surprise they did. Firstly they lost their de_vertigo pick which we have seen them play really good on and secondly they allowed Actina Pact to get only two rounds on the next map, pretty much the strongest CT half we have seen on de_train yet. Both teams managed to win the other’s map pick but the statement we have seen from Team Unique on de_train says a lot about this team that has been under the radar for a while.

Tuesday has had only one match but we had the chance to see NEO play for the second time. This time his team was able to get both maps but what else can happen when you face a newly formed team that has still a long way ahead of them before they reach the ideal level of team play. Even though the Dabers showed us that they can play de_nuke, it wasn’t enough this time and Codewise Unicorns took both maps.

Week number 6 is behind us and we are only four game days away from the playoffs so don’t forget to tune in via on Monday the 13th where we begin Week number 7.