Week numero seven is pretty much the crunch time for the teams that want to make a run for the playoffs. This week’s results gave us the name of three teams that will make it into the playoffs. Who made it? And who has to struggle for one more week? You will find out soon but let’s have a look at this weeks matches.

We kicked off the Monday with Mockit battling for a playoff spot against Izako Boars, everybody was expecting a great game, which was delivered on point and whoever missed this epic fight should go back and watch this here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/424315731.

So intense and full of great plays. Mockit making an unbelievable comeback on the first map only to lose it all on the last round of regulation. The second map saw Mockit in better shape and they began the map with a big lead, 7:1, but they did not expect Izako Boars to get 7 rounds in a row on their T side to win the first half 8:7. It was pretty much even after the team swap but in the end, Izako Boars claimed important rounds that led them to victory. This unfortunate have put Mockit in a bad position where they might even miss the playoffs which would be a shame for a team that has won the first Split.

  • Mockit 14:16 Izako Boars @ de_inferno
  • Mockit 12:16 Izako Boars @ de_nuke

Match between eSuba and Team Unique followed on Monday with expectations that eSuba won’t resist the Russians. Did we mention that eSuba likes to surprise? They indeed surprised us by winning the first map but it was probably thanks to PASHANOJ playing on friends computer and laggy internet. He had to leave the first map while Team Unique was winning and his position was filled in by their coach. Esuba took advantage of this and stole the first map out of Team Unique’s hands.

Even on the second map, we have seen the coach present. But this time, he did warm up a bit because he started hitting some nice shots. His team got unbelievable 12 rounds on T side de_train and eSuba just could not recover from that first half beating, surprising everybody by not delivering against the weakened Russians again.

  • eSuba 16:14 Team Unique @ de_nuke
  • eSuba 03:16 Team Unique @ de_train

Even on Tuesday, there were teams looking to get points and claim the playoff spot. Actina Pact without a hesitation doubled down on Codewise Unicorns, the ones looking for the points actually, and made them to look elsewhere for their points.

  • Actina Pact 16:11 Codewise Unicorns @ de_mirage
  • Actina Pact 16:07 Codewise Unicorns @ de_train

The last match of the week saw Ambush getting points in their long and upcoming quest for the playoff spot. They have faced against The Dabers and even though the first map got a little bit out of hand, maybe because everybody has strong inferno nowadays, they managed to not stumble and took both maps.

  • Ambush 16:13 Dabers @ de_inferno
  • Ambush 16:07 Dabers @ de_vertigo

Don’t forget to join us on Monday the 20th where we will finally find out who will be the fourth team that will join Actina Pact, Izako Boars and Team Unique in playoffs. Until then have a great time doing whatever you like to do.