The last week but one had only two matches played and that resulted in making the last week of group stages more exciting because there is plenty of wiggle room to get into the playoffs even from 6th place.

In the 7th week, it was Izako Boars winning both maps against Me&TheBoys and due to that, they are the first team to qualify not only for the third Split’s playoffs, but also for the offline Finals in Prague. Congratulations!

Me&TheBoys  12:16  Izako Boars  @  de_mirage

Me&TheBoys   2:16  Izako Boars  @  de_train

The second match of the week saw Team Unique pair against Actina Pact where the latter named was looking to get both maps to strengthen their chance for playoffs. This duel played out similarly like in the previous Split as both sides secured their opponent’s pick, dividing 3 points each. With this result, Team Unique have locked themselves for the top 4, getting closer to ForGames in October.

Team Unique  12:16  Actina Pact  @  de_nuke

Team Unique  16:10  Actina Pact  @  de_dust2

Next week we will find out who will play in the playoffs and who will qualify for the LAN Finals happening in Prague next month so be sure to stop by our stream at www.twitch.tv/alienware to support your favorite team.