The last week of group stages is upon us and this will be the only remaining chance for the teams to fight for the playoff spots and essentially for the LAN Finals happening in Prague in October.

If we take look at the current standings, we can see that even the 6th place has a shot at making the run for playoffs which means that everyone will bring their A-game next Monday and Tuesday.

We will start with Izako Boars  against Team Unique, where the first-named is already locked for playoffs and LAN Finals as well, so they will be coming into the last match without any pressure, unlike their opponent which needs to get into playoffs to fight for the LAN Final spot. Team Unique only needs one map win here and from what we have seen they should be able to do just that.

Izako Boars  vs  Team Unique  @  23.9.  17CEST  @ www.twitch.tv/alienware

The second Monday match will be between Ambush and Actina Pact. The Danes are one point better which can mean a lot in the end but whoever gets both maps here should feel somewhat safe.

Ambush  vs  Actina Pact  @  23.9.  19CEST  @  www.twitch.tv/alienware

The last gameday Tuesday starts with Me&TheBoys, the only team out of playoff contest, go against Nice Try where the latter named needs to win it all to have a fighting chance to advance into playoffs. The last match will see Nice Try again, this time challenging Eclot Lynx that needs to win both maps and with that see the Monday match between Ambush and Actina Pact go to 1-1 scoreline.

Me&TheBoys  vs  Nice Try  @  24.9.  17CEST  @  www.twitch.tv/alienware

Nice Try  vs  Eclot Lynx  @  24.9.  19CEST  @  www.twitch.tv/alienware

Plenty matches to see and cheer for in the upcoming last week of group stages, make sure to come and say hello. You can expect the playoff matches to be played over a last weekend of September, we will specify the time eventually on our social media and here in a news article until then have a great time playing and/or watching our favorite game called Counter-Strike.