What to expect in week 5

The upcoming week will only have one streaming day and that will be on Tuesday as Monday matches will be played on Wednesday unfortunately off-stream.

Tuesday Matches:

Actina Pact vs Nice Try @ 17:00 CEST 3/9/2019 @ www.twitch.tv/alienware

Here we expect Actina Pact to get themselves both maps but team Nice Try is still pretty much able to surprise anybody. They had benefited greatly from substituting juho for REDSTAR and last week they showed us all by beating Unique on their best map.

Unique vs Me&TheBoys @ 19:00 CEST 3/9/2019 @ www.twitch.tv/alienware

Guys over at TheBoys squad are really struggling and this is their worst Split showing by far. In their last match, they came so close to beat Actina Pact but it just wasn’t meant to be. Right now it is do or die time for them. Even though Unique are well prepared it is not impossible for TheBoys to snatch a victory.

Wednesday Matches:

Actina Pact vs Izako Boars @ 17:00 CEST 4/9/2019

Two very strong Polish teams going at it on two maps. We expect to each win their pick but it can end 2-0 for any of these two giants. Izako Boars are better in an online environment and their improved lineup with byali who could be the difference maker. On the other hand, Actina Pact is showing really good and stable results online as well. One way or another, these two teams are fighting for the first place in the regular season so far.

Ambush vs Unique @ 19:00 CEST 4/9/2019

Another 50-50 matchup that we will, unfortunately, miss on stream. Unique showed us last week that even they can have a bad day and if their form continues there is a big chance for Ambush to take both maps. The Danes have improved their lineup with refrezh coming from team OpTic and it shows.

The first half of the 3rd Split is behind us and the playoffs that will be played at the end of September are dangerously close but we will talk about all that and more in the upcoming stream at www.twitch.tv/alienware on 3rd of September, until then have a great rest of the summer.